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Agaricus sp.
G.F. Atkinson. Copyright Dept of Plant Pathology, Cornell University.
Agaricus sp.
  • The Plant Pathology photography site contains images captured by a succession of four Cornell science photographers over the past 100 years. These galleries span a period of great advances in plant pathology -- the study of plant diseases -- and put on display the photographic methods that are central to the discipline.
  • For more historical images of agriculture, fungi, and plant disease, see the Cornell Herbarium Plant Pathology Photograph Collection.
  • H. David Thurston's photo collection is filled with pictures on tropical agriculture, crops, plant diseases, and sustainable agricultural development. Dr. Thurston is Professor Emeritus in the Department.
  • In addition, please visit the Department Photo Lab web site, a technical and artistic resource for scientific photography in the digital age.