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Extension Resources

veggetable mdVegetable MD Online
Vegetable MD Online helps ordinary people and farmers identify and manage plant diseases. Users can browse many color photos sorted by crop and disease as well as consult vegetable disease fact sheets for recommendations.

Diagnostic LogoPlant Disease Diagnostic Clinic
The Clinic provides plant disease diagnostic services for anyone interested in plant diseases. Services include analysis of plant material and soil for bacterial, fungal, viral, and nematode pathogens as well as suggestions for appropriate control measures.

CUP LogoCU Plant Pathology Herbarium (CUP)
CUP is a museum research collection of over 400,000 preserved specimens of plant diseases and fungi. It holds over 60,000 images of agricultural history, people, plant diseases, and fungi; in fact, it is the 4th largest fungal herbarium in North America.

Photo of ThurstonH. David Thurston's Photo Collection
A resource of images on tropical agriculture, crops, plant diseases, and sustainable agricultural development from Professor Emeritus H. David Thurston.

Uihlein MinitubersSeed Potato Program
Researchers on the Uihlein Farm in Lake Placid maintain disease-tested potato varieties in vitro, and they test and provide potato seeds to growers.

Elementary ScienceElementary School Summer Science Camp
Department faculty have partnered with the Geneva City School District to bring agricultural science to Geneva third and fourth grade students.  Kids learn about soil, plants, insects, microbiology, sustainability, and food production through an inquiry-based, hands-on program.

Mushroom BlogCornell Mushroom Blog
An online magazine of stories about fungi written by Cornell faculty and students.

Photo Lab iconDepartment Photo Lab
A technical and artistic resource for scientific photography in the digital age.

DaffodilPlant Pathology Photos Web Page
Images captured by a succession of four Cornell science photographers over the past 100 years.

Glossary LogoGlossary of Technical Terms in Plant Pathology
Definitions and pronunciation guide of important terms in plant disease management.

Northeast Plant LogoNortheast Plant Diagnostic Network
The Northeast Plant Diagnostic Network (NEPDN) is a coordination center for monitoring invasive plant diseases and insects.