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Disease Diagnostics in a Soybean field
Disease diagnostics in a soybean field

Outreach education to the field crops community of New York is coordinated by two closely interacting groups: the Cornell Integrated Field Crop, Soil, and Pest Management Program Work Team and the Cornell Interdepartmental Field Crops Extension Faculty Committee.

  • These groups present annual in-service training sessions for field crop extension educators and plan several field days and educational forums throughout the state. 
  • Staff and students lead extramural educational programs that benefit field crop and livestock producers, agribusiness, food and feed industries, and rural communities in New York and the Northeast. 
  • Basic training and recertification education for certified crop advisors - a national program that helps growers become experts in crop protection - is provided through the Northeastern Region Certified Crop Advisor Program

In addition, findings from our research programs - especially that of Professor Gary Bergstrom -  provide up-to-date information on the diagnosis and management of diseases of corn, small grains, forage legumes and grasses, oilseed, and biofuel feedstock crops.