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Wayne Wilcox discussing grape disease management
Wayne Wilcox discussing grape disease management

The grapes program is composed of two interconnected focus areas, Applied Research and Education.

Applied research

Department scientists are uncovering new information about the recognition, understanding, and management of important infectious diseases that impact grapes. They collaborate with related departments at Cornell, including breeding and genetics (viticulture), food science (enology), and entomology as well as colleagues at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and other research institutions throughout the world. Their applied research foci include:

  • Applied disease biology
  • Integrated management programs
  • Disease diagnostics and loss assessment

Faculty research programs focus


The goal of this program is to help stakeholders better produce crops and improve their ability to make decisions on issues of grape disease management.

Faculty and staff share their findings with a wide range of stakeholders, including producers, support industry personnel, government regulators, regional educators from Cornell Cooperative Extension, other state extension systems and private-sector advisors across the nation, and the general public.