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Allison Jack

Allison Jack completed the requirements for a Ph.D. degree in plant pathology from Cornell University in 2012. Her research was supervised by Eric Nelson and was on the mechanisms of vermicompost-induced suppression of Pythium aphanidermatum. Prior to her Ph.D. work, Allison earned an MS degree in soil science at Cornell in the Department of Crop and Soil Science with Janice Thies, and a BA at Reed College in Portland Oregon. Allison has had a longstanding interest in composting and agricultural sustainability and has become nationally recognized for her compost-related outreach activities. Allison is currently the agroecology faculty member at t Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona where she directs the college's 20 acre research and teaching farm. Allison will also be spending one year as an NSF post doctoral fellow at Wageningen University in the Netherlands working with Jos Raaijmakers on a project entitled, "Harnessing biodiversity for sustainable agriculture: The metagenomics of disease suppressive soils".