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Angela Kruse

Angela Kruse

Graduate Student

Plant Science Building, Room 423

August 2014- Present, MS/PhD student, Plant-Microbe Biology concentration, Section of Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology, Cornell University

May 2014, Bachelor of Science, Genetics and Plant Biology, University of California, Berkeley

Current Graduate Advisor: Michelle Cilia

Professional Experience

  • 2010-2014: Research Assistant, University of California, Berkeley. Characterized the mechanism of a protein conferring resistance to Barley stripe mosaic virus using biochemical assays and microscopy. Faculty Mentor: Andrew Jackson.
  • Summer 2014: Co-instructor, University of California, Berkeley. Co-taught the course “Plant and Animal Microtechnique.” This practical course teaches the students the microtechnique process from fixation of tissue to embedding sectioning and staining.
  • Spring 2013: Teaching Assistant, University of California, Berkeley. Assisted Professor Andrew Jackson in teaching the course “Viruses in Health and Society.”
  • Summer 2013: Lab and Field Technician, Ohio University. Researched the effect of changes in photosynthetic enzyme expression on sucrose production in plants. Performed Leaf Area Index measurements in forest plots.

Awards and Honors

  • January 2012: Grant received from UC Berkeley College of Natural Resources SPUR program for “Pathogenesis of Barley Stripe Mosaic Virus Mutants on Cereal and Grass Hosts.” (With Andrew Jackson)

Professional Societies and Working Groups

  • American Society of Plant Biology
  • American Phytopathological Society


  • Jackson A, Cui Y, Yan L, Lee, M.Y, Kruse A, Kong B, Liu Z, Li D. Host-virus interactions conditioning Barley stripe mosaic virus infections of Brachypodium and Maize. ASV conference. 2012.
  • Cui Y, Yan L.J., Lee M.Y., Yu M.H., Wang G.X., Jin X.J., Hu Y., Kruse A., Kong B., Zhang Y.L., Han C.G., Yu J.L., Liu Z.Y., Jackson A., Li D.W. Pathogenicity of Barley Stripe Mosaic Virus strains and interactions with the Brachypodium Bsr1 resistance gene. International Congress of Plant Pathology. 2013