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Bill Weldon

Bill Weldon

Graduate Student

Plant Science Building, Room 423


  •  August 2015– present, MS/PhD student; Plant-Microbe Biology, Plant Pathology & Plant-Microbe Biology Section, School of Integrative Plant Science, Cornell University
  • 5/2015, BS Biology, Butler University

Graduate Advisor: David Gadoury

Research Focus

My research is focused on Podosphaera macularis, the casual agent of powdery mildew of hops. I am primarily interested in understanding the epidemiological and ecological factors associated with the formation and dispersal of the ascigerous state of the fungus, termed chasmothecia. In order for this sexual spore to form, both mating types must be present and interacting. This is the case in all states east of the Rocky Mountains, including New York, but is not so in the Pacific Northwest where the majority of North American hops are grown. Chasmothecia production increases both the genetic recombination and overwintering capabilities of the fungus. Our studies aim to identify key environmental markers that promote initiation and dispersal of this spore so that it can then be controlled via chemical or cultural practices.

Professional Experience

Fall 2013- Spring 2015: Undergraduate Researcher under Dr. Phil Villani, Butler University

2014 Cornell Summer Scholars Research Intern, under Dr. David Gadoury, Cornell University

Awards and Honors

2015 APS National Meeting Symposium Speaker

Elected and Appointed Offices

2016 Co-Brewmaster, Cornell Zymology Club

Professional Societies and Working Groups

American Phytopathological Society