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Faculty Affiliated with PPPMB

​​Lance Cadle-Davidson​Lance Cadle-Davidson

PPPMB Adjunct and Field Member
Address pathogenesis of economically important fungal pathogens of grapevine.

Michelle CiliaMichelle Cilia

PPPMB Adjunct Faculty and Field Member

Molecular interactions among plant pathogens, insect vectors, and plant hosts. 

Candace W. CollmerCandace W. Collmer

PPPMB Adjunct Faculty
Faculty in Department of Biology at Wells College

Microbial genome annotation---specifically, the development and use of Gene Ontology (GO) terms describing microbe-host interactions.
Lab Web Page (Cornell)

Zhangjium Fei

Zhangjum Fei

PPPMB Adjunct Associate Professor
Faculty at Boyce Thompson Institute
Developing computational tools and resources to analyze and integrate large scale “omics” datasets”, which help researchers to understand how genes work together to comprise functioning cells and organisms.

Donna M. GibsonDonna M. Gibson

PPPMB Adjunct and Field Member

Discovery of microbial metabolites and the roles they may play in pathogenicity, virulence, defense, or growth and development.

Niklaus Grunwald
PPPMB Adjunct Professor
Ecology, genetics and management of emerging and re-emerging Phytophthora diseases affecting ornamental and nursery crops with a special emphasis on the Sudden Oak Death pathogen Phytophthora ramorum and the late blight pathogen Phytophthora infestans.

Maria HarrisonMaria Harrison

PPPMB Adjunct and Field Member
Faculty at Boyce Thompson Institute

The arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis and phosphate acquisition in plants.

Jian HuaJian Hua

PPPMB Field Member
Faculty in Department of Plant Biology, Cornell 

Molecular genetics of temperature sensing and signaling
Location: Department of Plant Biology

Dan F. KlessigDan F. Klessig

PPPMB Field Member
Faculty at Boyce Thompson Institute

Plant immunity: molecular mechanisms of pathogen recognition and defense signal transduction.
Location: BTI

Patricia MoweryPatricia Mowery

PPPMB Adjunct  and Field Member
Faculty in Biology at Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Bacterial motility and sensing with emphasis on Xyllela fastidiosa

P.F. PalukaitisP.F. Palukaitis

PPPMB Adjunct Faculty
Molecular mechanisms of plant-virus interactions in pathogenic and resistance responses, plus development and utilization of antiviral systems.
Location: South Korea

Jocelyn K. C. RoseJocelyn K. C. Rose

PPPMB Field Member
Faculty in Department of Plant Biology, Cornell 
Structure, function and dynamics of the plant cell wall and apoplast during development and plant-pathogen interactions, coupling biochemistry with newly developed approaches involving genomics and proteomics. 

David SchneiderDavid Schneider

PPPMB Adjunct Faculty

Systems biology of P. syringae; comparative genomics of plant pathogens; mathematical and computational models of gene regulation networks in bacteria.

Richard C. StaplesRichard C. Staples

PPPMB Adjunct Faculty
Faculty at Boyce Thompson Institute

Physiology, metabolism, and cell biology of fungi.Experience  focused on the rust fungi.

Stephen C. WinansStephen C. Winans 

PPPMB Field Member 
Faculty in Department of Microbiology, Cornell 
Molecular plant-bacteria interactions; host-microbe chemical signaling.