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George Abawi

George Abawi


113 Barton Lab., Geneva campus
(315) 787-2374

George S. Abawi is a professor of Plant Pathology and International Agriculture at Cornell University. He received his MSc. And Ph.D. degrees from Cornell. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Plant Nematology at Cornell from 1970 to 1972, after which he was appointed as a faculty member in the Department of Plant Pathology at the NYS Agric. Expt. Station, Cornell - Geneva. The major area of his research responsibility deals with Vegetable Pathology, with emphasis on the biology and the integrated management of root diseases caused by pathogenic fungi and plant-parasitic nematodes. Special interests are in soil health issues and tropical pathology and international agriculture in general. Sabbatical leaves have been with the University of California Ð Davis, University of Illinois Ð Urbana, North Carolina State University Ð Raleigh, and the International Tropical Research Center (CIAT) in Cali, Colombia (SA).

Research Focus

Research efforts have focused primarily on determining the biology and ecology of soilborne pathogens (both pathogenic fungi and plant-parasitic nematodes) that are impacting the production of vegetable and food legume crops. Investigations on the management of plant diseases have followed the strategies and approaches of integrated pest management (IPM). Special research efforts have dealt with microbial interactions, soil health issues and sustainable practices for disease and crop management.

Outreach and Extension Focus

The major focus is providing the latest background information available on the diagnosis and management of plant diseases impacting vegetable and food legume production in the state to extension educators, growers and other agricultural industry providers. The latter include training of extension educators, consultants and interested growers in conducting on-farm assessment of soil infestations with disease organisms and using the information in deciding on the need for management, if any. Special recent interest is in soil health and sustainable soil management practices, thus the outreach efforts are focused on increasing the literacy in soil health issues through organizing field days, hands-on training sessions and special workshops.

Teaching Focus

Training of graduate students and assist in formal instruction when asked.

Awards and Honors

  • Vice-President, President-Elect, President, Immediate past President (2015) APS