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James Lorbeer

James Lorbeer


424 Plant Science Building
(607) 255-7875

I study the nature and control of diseases of vegetables grown on the muckland (organic) soils of New York.

Research Focus

From 1961 onward the research conducted by Dr. J. W. Lorbeer focused on the nature and management of diseases of vegetables grown on the organic (muckland) soils of New York. From 2007 until retirement on June 30, 2010, studies on the center rot disease of onions caused by the bacterium Pantoea ananatis were emphasized. Those studies presently are being continued under the direction of Dr. S. V. Beer who worked cooperatively on the project starting in 2008. Research presently emphasized in retirement involves a cooperative program with the Plant Breeding and Genetics Department in developing resistant germplasm to Botrytis squamosa which causes the Botrytis leaf blight disease of onions. In addition, a study to elucidate specific aspects of the life cycle and disease cycle of Botrytis allii which causes the Botrytis neck rot diseases of onions is being continued.

Outreach and Extension Focus

I made several presentations during 2010 at onion grower meetings and onion industry council meetings. I also made a presentation at the 2010 Fruit and Vegetable EXPO in Syracuse.