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Jonathan E. Oliver

Jonathan E. Oliver completed the requirements for a Ph.D. degree in Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology from Cornell University in 2011. His research in Marc Fuchs' Program focused on the Genetic Variability of Grapevine Fanleaf Virus and the Design and Testing of Constructs for Resistance. Jonathan demonstrated that Recombination and purifying selection are important evolutionary mechanisms in the genetic diversification of the virus, and, using an agroinfiltration transient expression assay and stable transformants, identified varied concatenate constructs designed in conserved genomic regions that confer resistance to virus infection. Before coming to Cornell, Jonathan earned A bachelor's degree in the floriculture biotechnology lab of David Clark at the university of Florida. Jonathan received the Barbara Mcclintock and Robert Gilmer awards, APS Travel awards, and Cornell Graduate Student Conference Awards. He is currently a Postdoctoral associate with de la Fuente at Auburn University.