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Julia Crane

Julia Crane completed the requirements for a Ph.D. degree in plant pathology from Cornell University in 2013. Her research was supervised by Dr. Gary Bergstrom and she collaborated closely with Drs. Donna Gibson of the USDA-ARS and Michael Frodyma of Novozymes Biologicals, Inc. For her PhD project, Julia used a combination of greenhouse, field, and laboratory techniques to investigate the ecology of a Bacillus biological control agent being developed to combat the wheat and barley fungal disease Fusarium head blight. She identified several major obstacles to successful disease control in field settings, which included the limited temporal longevity of a critical Bacillus-produced secondary metabolite on wheat surfaces, and the inadequate coverage of wheat surfaces by biocontrol spray applications. Following her PhD, Julia worked in a Temporary Service Technician position with the Cornell Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic to develop molecular methods for oak wilt diagnosis and Phytophthora species identification. She also continued on in Gary Bergstrom’s lab in a Postdoctoral Associate position, for which she assisted in field assessments of small grains diseases, and the development of a real-time PCR protocol for quantification of myoctoxin-producing Fusarium chemotypes from grain samples. In August 2014 Julia will join Dr. Amanda Gevens’ lab at UW-Madison as a postdoctoral associate investigating the ecology and management of Helminthosporium solani, causal agent of silver scurf of potatoes.