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Juliet Carroll

Juliet Carroll

Senior Extension Associate; Fruit IPM Coordinator

IPM House
(315) 787-2430

Julie works with the NYS IPM Program promoting use of IPM practices by fruit growers to protect their crops. She invented Trac Software, a pesticide spray record-keeping program for market traceability and reporting. Under her leadership, NEWA, a weather mesonet providing pest forecasts, grew from 45 weather stations in NY to over 500 in 12 states. Her research currently focuses on the invasive insect spotted wing drosophila.

Research Focus

I am currently investigating the utility of monitoring for spotted wing Drosophila (SWD) to initiate management tactics in berry crops, the use of hummingbirds in controlling SWD, and the impact of SWD on tart and sweet cherry. My prior research projects have investigated the impact of copper bactericides and pruning practices for managing bacterial canker of sweet cherry. I surveyed blueberry plantings across NY elucidating the prevalence of canker diseases and identifying the need for targeted blueberry virus surveys. I participated in a multi-state project on limiting bird damage in fruit crops. I contribute to commodity surveys in orchard and small fruit plantings for exotic insects and plant diseases targeted by USDA APHIS .

Outreach and Extension Focus

I coordinate fruit IPM for the NYS IPM Program for tree fruit, grapes, and berries with the goal of helping growers protect their crops while minimizing economic, health and environmental risks. I work closely with Cornell Cooperative Extension educators, faculty, legislators, the fruit industry, consultants, and growers. I invented Trac Software, a pesticide record-keeping and reporting program for fruit farmers to help them meet market traceability requirements and federal and state pesticide safety requirements. Under my leadership from 2005 to 2017, the Network for Environment and Weather App's (NEWA), a weather mesonet that provides weather information and IPM tools at, grew from 45 weather stations on growers' farms in NY to over 500 in 12 states. To support apple markets, I coordinated development of GlobalGAP certification workbooks and workshops to educate apple growers, helping secure a 13 million dollar EU export market for New York apples. I advise the EcoApple and EcoStoneFruit protocols. I coordinated development of the Integrated Fruit Production Protocol (IFP) for Apples in New York. To deliver the vast wealth of research-based Cornell information on fruit I maintain the Cornell Fruit Resources website With the introduction of spotted wing drosophila into NY in 2012, my extension focus has been to deliver key information on this destructive pest -- I post around 50 blogs each year on my SWD blog,, coordinating a monitoring network from 2013 to 2017, pesticide quick guides, management information, and distribution mapping. I present about 20 extension talks to fruit growers on IPM topics each year.