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Marc Fuchs

Marc Fuchs


Barton laboratory
(315) 787-2487

Fuchs received his Master’s and PhD degrees from Université Louis Pasteur in France. He has worked on viruses of fruit crops and vegetables over the past 30 years, developing detection techniques, understanding spread, and investigating management strategies.

Research Focus

My program emphasizes translational research on virus diseases of vegetable and fruit crops. Primary goals are to determine the genetic variability of virus populations for advancing our understanding of virus spread, and to study interactions between viruses, vectors, and plant hosts with the aims of developing robust detection methodologies, and implementing innovative approaches for crop improvement.

Outreach and Extension Focus

The extension component of my program focuses on the (i) identification of virus diseases of vegetable and fruit crops, in particular emerging diseases, (iii) dissemination of information on the biology and ecology of viral diseases to extension educators, growers, regulators, horticulture inspectors, and agriculture service providers. Efforts are also directed to a grape certification program and service activities for assisting the management of virus diseases of vegetable and fruit crops.

Teaching Focus

I am teaching PLPA 8900 - Master’s-Level Thesis Research - and PLPA 9900 - Doctoral-Level Thesis Research -, and guest lecturing in PLPA3010, PLPA4010, PLPA4200 and PLBR4030.

Awards and Honors

  • Research award (2016) New York Wine and Grape Foundation

Selected Publications

Journal Publications