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Department faculty and affiliated scientists engage in a range of international activities, including: conducting research on plant disease issues that are relevant to resource-limited farmers in developing countries, formal and informal of training of scientists and regulators abroad, and advising international students.

Collaborator in a banana plantation in Kenya
Collaborator in a banana plantation in Kenya

Presently, 7 international graduate students and 19 post doctoral researchers and visiting scientists are receiving training in plant pathology and plant-microbe biology within the department. 

Faculty members are working as part of international collaborations in regions across the globe on diagnosis, population biology, and evolution of microorganisms; disease management; and improvement of extension advisory systems in agriculture. 

Rebecca Nelson serves as the scientific director of The McKnight Foundation's Collaborative Crop Research Program, a program that supports research aimed at improving food production and the nutritional content of crops, which are important concepts in ensuring food security in developing countries.