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Adding a Minor is a good way to broaden and enrich your Major field of study.  You can add a minor to any major, campus-wide.   A Minor looks good on your resume, but beyond that, a focus in a different field can give you new tools and insights to enrich and extend your main interest.

The Fungal Biology Minor provides a broad introduction to fungi . Courses in the Minor explore the diversity of fungi and other microbes, as well as the critical roles they play in ecosystems and in human affairs.  Fungi have both good and bad impacts on our lives. Some cause deadly diseases, spoil our foods, or are a source of toxins. Others are key in bioengineering, biofuels, reforestation, or provide delicious mushrooms and wine for dinner.

The Infectious Disease Biology Minor provides a broad perspective on health and disease in human, animal, and plant hosts. Courses in the Minor aim to convey the dynamic nature of pathogenic microbes, an in-depth understanding of the origins and dynamics of infectious diseases, and contemporary ideas about the nature of health, disease, and disease management. This minor is administered by the Department of Microbiology.